24 Hours In Vegas On Only $50

We’re here on the outskirts of Vegas! – [Eli] Sin City, we’re here! – [Selorm] Usually people spend thousands of dollars when they come to Vegas. But today, we’ll only have $50 dollars each to spend in 24 hours. – Can it be done?

With my experience with Vegas, it’s always so expensive. So if I’m able to do anything or get in anywhere, I’ll be pretty freakin’ excited. – [Selorm] Usually people do a brunch, some kind of fun thing in the daytime, a Vegas show, dinner, and the nightlife.

– You gotta ball out, or seemingly ball out. If we could bring all that together, within budget, I think we can maybe do it! – What are some ways that we can keep things affordable and within budget? – Well I think lookin’ online for deals, so like Groupon’s a good resource. – Maybe if we make some connections, if we talk to some locals, we can bring our own drinks?

– We can bring our own drinks. – Are you drinking sunscreen? What the (bleep)? – It’s not (bleep). – Is it alcohol inside the sunscreen bottle? – Zero dollars (cash register rings) and I can drink it anywhere.

– Eli, that’s disgusting, no! – Tip one! – All right, Vegas! (whooping) (siren) (big band jazz) We’re starting off our morning in Vegas. A lot of people like to go to a brunch kind of breakfast buffet. – So can we do that within our budget is the question.

– [Selorm] So right now we’re sitting in front of the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa. – The regular price is $10.99. With this boarding pass, which is free, I might add, $7.99 each.

(cash register rings) So, totally in budget? – Yeah. – I think. – Let’s check this out! (Latin dance music) Look at this!

– High five. – Okay, so unlike Eli, I don’t eat meat. So I’m gonna be looking at like, vegetarian options, pescatarian options.

We have a vegetarian section over here just for me. I feel like I’m gonna get better picks than Eli, ’cause this is just beautiful, look at this. This is like Eggs Benedict but with polenta. – So let me show you how you properly enjoy a Vegas buffet. First off, I don’t mess around, two plates. Bacon, ham, the cheesiest eggs I could find.

It’s very simple, it’s the Holy Trinity. – Red velvet pancakes. This is like Christmas! Totally throwing being healthy out the window. This is called cheese blintz?

I don’t know what this is, but I like it. – Oh, look at that, beautifully seasoned. Okay, this right here, this is why we’re here. This is why we do the thing, bacon! Nicely topped. – Do I need two plates?

– They got breakfast pizza! I’m goin’ to Italy right now. The thing is, if you’re gonna go in Vegas, you gotta eat like you’re in Vegas. I know Selorm’s probably eatin’ like, some spinach, some arugula. Somehow she found kale here, I don’t know how, but she probably paid extra for it.

– Two plates, two plates, two plates. – You got your tour de sweets, and to top it all off, kapow. That’s how you do Vegas.

(funky jazz music) I love how like, as different as our appetites may be, we came together with the blitz. This is a very beautiful thing. – With a blitz, cheers. – Cheers, boom. (funky jazz music) Awesome dining buffet experience in Vegas, check. (ping) – So we just got out of the buffet, feelin’ great.

My belly’s feelin’ great. – So full. – I don’t feel like I need to sleep. I have, like, a lot of energy right now, I want to do something. It’d be cool to do something that’s a little bit more local. – Yes.

– Something that, you know, isn’t so expected of a day out in Vegas, you know? Do you know a place? – I think I might. – [Eli And Selorm] Hmm.

– [Selorm] Here we are at the Pinball Hall of Fame. – My name is Beth. I’m here at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. It is a museum that started over 20 years ago. We’re here to try to help the community and keep these pinball machines alive. One of my favorite things about the Pinball Hall of Fame is the fact that this not only goes to the Salvation Army.

But each volunteer, we get to pick a charity of our choice at the end of the year. Pinball became illegal in the United States for well over 30 years. I don’t know if you knew that. I can tell by your faces you did not know this.

– What? – The only place that these machines went to were bars. So, if you won a game of chance, then they would give you a shot, or a beer, or some type of a drink. Needless to say, the government took an interest in this right away. – The original bad boy, bad to the bone game was, in fact, pinball.

That’s nuts. – This right here. (electronic game music) (paddles clicking) – Here we go. Let’s go, oh my God, it spins, no! No! – [Selorm] Oh, Eli!

You (bleep) up! (electronic game music) (paddles clicking) Pinball master right here. – [Eli] 50 cents, you’re not being very cheap, Selorm. – Okay, well you know what, chill. Blast off!

No, you know, but it goes down the side thing! It’s just like, it’s like, not fair! (groaning) (electronic game music) We just left the Pinball Hall of Fame.

Gotta say, it was pretty awesome. (ping) – I freakin’ loved it. – So in total we spent (cash register rings) about $9.74. Which leaves us with $40.26 left. – That’s crazy. The next thing, what is Vegas without a show?

– We basically found out that the best way to find a cheap show in Vegas, is to look on Groupon. – I found one. Comedy magic show for $12.50. (dramatic orchestra music) – So we’re here, the magic show’s about to start, what! (dramatic orchestra music) – [Selorm] Go, Eli!

(dramatic orchestra music) (pop) – We just got back from the show. It was fantastic. (ding) – It was amazing. – It was awesome. – $40.26 is what we’ve got leftover so far. (cash register rings) Minus what we just paid for for the show, which is $12.50.

That brings us down to $27.76. Which is still pretty good. – That’s gosh darn fantastic! – Right now we are just trying to figure out what we’re gonna do tonight. I posted a picture that we were in Vegas, and my friend Bobbi responds. She goes to Vegas a lot.

And she was just like, just hit up all the promoters and see what club is offering what performer, who’s giving the best deal. – Hey Selorm, know what time it is? (funky music) – Time to suit up!

– Time to suit up! – (grunts) (funky disco music) – All right, all suited up, ready to go. What we got tonight?

– Um, so I have some bad news. So, I talked to the promoter girl and she’s (pop) totally down to hook us up with that deal where we can have a free dinner, and also get into the club for free? (pop) The only issue is that she can’t get you into the dinner, (buzz) because you’re a guy. But she can get you into the free club, with the table and the bottle service.

So that’s great, you still get a night of free clubbing with free drinks. – [Eli] But where am I gonna go eat dinner? – I don’t know, but I really wanna go to this dinner. It’s like a feast, yo! It’s supposed to be a feast!

– You’re just gonna leave me? We’re ride or die! – I’m sorry! – She gon’ leave me! (Selorm laughs) Where am I supposed to eat? We ditched the car.

– We ditched the car, ’cause we’re gonna be drinkin’. – We gon’ be drinkin’. Gotta stay safe, kids. – Remember that. – Responsible. But for only $8.00, (cash register rings) you could do public transportation for 24 hours.

– Yup, so that’s what we’re gonna do. – So, turn up. – (groans) Minus $8.00.

– Minus $8.00. Still on budget, yay! (peppy Latin music) (sad jazz music) (peppy Latin music) (sad jazz music) – Is Selorm having fun?

I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. I don’t care, I’m not thinkin’ about her at all. It’s whatever.

(peppy Latin music) – Sure, I’m a little jealous. But these tacos are goddamn delicious, oh my God. I know she’s probably not even having that much fun.

(ding) You know? What kind of feast is that, free feast? (cash register rings) it can’t be that good. Can’t be that good. – We’re about to get dessert, it’s so cute! (peppy Latin music) I’m done with dinner, I’m done with this drink.

We’re gonna head (ping) to the club and meet Eli (cash register rings) and hopefully he’s not mad that I left him behind. Yay! – I’m gonna prove Selorm that I don’t need her. And that I could get into this club without her. Imma make it happen, watch.

– We’re skipping the line! Life is good, life is so good! (electric dance music) (playful acoustic bass music) (groans) – Last night was really cool.

So we’re gonna tally up and see how much we actually spent yesterday. (cash register rings) – [Eli] So we’re starting at $7.99 with a brunch buffet at Red Rock Casino and Spa. – [Selorm] And then the next thing we went to was the Pinball Hall of Fame, which only cost us $1.75. (cash register rings) – [Eli] We got to enjoy a dope-ass comedy magic show with Nathan Burton.

That was exactly $12.50 with Groupon. (cash register rings) With public transportation, (cash register rings) that is additional $8.00. – After that, I spent $10.00 (cash register rings) for an amazing dinner and VIP and a night out.

(drum roll) So I’m at $40.24. (cash register rings) – [Eli] I had two tacos, $2.25 each, so that is $4.50. (cash register rings) Leaving me with a total of (drum roll) $34.74 (cash register rings) after it was all said and done. – How do you spend less than me? – After bottle service, after everything else.

(slap) – Vegas. – Boom. – Boom.

We both have money to go gambling at the airport. I’m, like, actually out of money after this. 25 cents left, we’re gonna get it, okay?

25 cents left, we’re gonna get it. (electronic machine music) – [Selorm] I was really close! Who has more money?

– [Eli] No one, we’re done, I’m cuttin’ you off! – [Selorm] Eli, Eli, you have more money!

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