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Gabrielle Union delivered us from Eva and did a little “ride or die” with Bad Boys Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as well as gave up some of the bad girl tricks in Two Can Play That Game.

Does she have any time for herself?

According to Marilyn Beck’s “Celebrities” column in the LA Daily News, she’s fighting to keep her head above water. The starlett has two indie films, Constellation filming in Alabama and Donut Hole filming in Oregon. Then a film with Mos Def premiering on HBO May 30, called Something the Lord Made the true story of the white surgeon and black lab technician who created cardiac surgery in the 1940’s, not to mention her film opening Friday, Breakin’ All the Rules where she joins up with Jamie Foxx.

All the work is cool, especially for a black woman in Hollywood, but she is devoid of a social life which might cause her husband to have to schedule an appointment with her.

“He went back to college, and I missed the school thing of him writing term papers,” she said. “Now he’s started his own sports management and marketing firm. The name was just cleared – Prestige Enterprises,” she announced proudly to LA Daily News.

She told Marilyn Beck that Breakin’All the Rules was actually held back. It was completed in February of 2003, which helped with all of the other projects she had on her plate last year.

“It worked out for me, personally, to have it delayed. It would have been a little bit of overload.”

Best Five Films and Box Office

Movie Box Office
Bad Boys II (2003)
Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)
Deliver Us from Eva (2003)
Abandon (2002)
Welcome to Collinwood (2002)

Total Box Office: $200.9 million

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