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Good evening my friends are Monday and the founder and CEO through net how to win the phone at any time. When I have the chance, I’m trying to showing you how you can beat how you can play this fantastic game which is reliable. Now you need to understand something about this game. Now is something that not so many knows how does it works?

So many on the internet says that they are roulette professional gamblers and when they start to play at Roulette, they admit that they win three four or five times and after six sessions they lose one session. Now, if you talk about this kind of gamblers, you need to understand that that is not a rule. A professional gambler now is not even a newbie. So if he starting to win three four five sessions in a row and after five sessions he lost, he lose one time he’s not a newbie.

But you need to understand that if you don’t have a teacher who can helping you to understand who left you can’t beat roulette when you start to play a roulette, you need to understand that there are some rules every time when you are gambling at roulette. You see that roulette is very perfect, so, for example, I play 17 with 10 sites. In the moment I play 70 with 10 cents.

I know exactly that. He paced me three euros and 60 cents if I hit the number 70, but what about fi? Adding eight dollars and ten cents, I don’t know anymore how much money I must to earth. Now you see who left is very prepared because all the bets you are doing on roulette, he knows exactly in the split second, he knows exactly what winnings you win. If you hit that number, as you can see in this game, how much money put it’s 24 euros and ten cents, I don’t know exactly how much money I earn hi Quinn. If I hit 17, I don’t have this knowledge, this powerful knowledge to count so quickly.

So fast, how much is my revenue, my earnings, if I hit number 17 so if we are not prepared to play at Roulette like roulette, is prepared with us? We are in advance in this advantage, so this is why you let wins we are not so prepared. As roulette is prepared, so what we should do when, in the first step you will discussed about that, we will discussed about that in my members area, because in the members area we have the possibility to learn from scratch. Roulette all right.

Learning from scratch. Roulette can help us to defeat flood roulette. It’S only a group of numbers.

Remember that if you know to apply this kind of group of numbers from the sequence of blood, you can be true left all right, but you need to know something mathematically about the sequence from 1 to 36. It’S very important to understand that left, even if it’s so precise, even if it’s so smart, so intelligent. He makes an error now.

If we follow that arrow and we play with roulette in base of that error, we can determine. We can be true left for several minutes per session. We we think biologically.

We can learn to be smarter than roulette, but we are not yet smarter than roulette. Roulette is a computer. I told you five minutes ago. Every time when you are betting, something roulette knows exactly what winnings must be giving you if you get that number, but you don’t know how much money you can win in few seconds. You need more time to digest to calculate how much money you win to hit that number.

So this is what I’m teaching you to be prepared in the moment you fight with roulette, because any session you are playing with roulette. It’S a fight. He wants to take your money, you need to take his money.

So, of course it’s a David and Goliath fight, so physically mentally roulette is not smarter than us, but we have the rock David, have the rock that rock can down and Goliath, because we have a rock now this rock, when we talk about roulette, it’s an advantage. We take manager when we play at Roulette, and this manager is that we can stop wherever we want to stop light, doesn’t have his chance, so roulette can play with you for three months. If you, if you say connected to the internet, you can play a thread for three months in a row. It will still play with you the length, but if you stay longer at playing that led in the end he will win, she will win now. Here is the secret: if we know when to stop, we are in advantage all amat Oracle gamblers all aggressively gamblers.

They don’t know when to stop. This is their problem, they playing a roulette and they believe that they have the chance in the next five minutes or in the next ten minutes to beat the house any gambler, aggressive, gambler or avatar gambler. He is presuming that he will win by pure rock, on the other side, a rule, a professional gambler. He knows that by applying the mathematics, knowing the psychology of the roulette and when to stop, he will be ruler. Let’S say give you an example. I am blind.

Just think for a moment that you are blind, you don’t see nothing and you find a dog this dog always trying around you to bite. You just imagine have a zhiting you. So you don’t see the dog, but the dog is all around you and you don’t know when to come. Then it will bite you from front from back from left from right. After few minutes you will gon na create a pattern.

You don’t see it, but you will gon na see that the dog is starting to bite you to come near you in such a manner. In such a way, this means the algorithm. So after few practicing the algorithm you will understand and predict from where will come. The bite, even if you are blind, remember that when you are blind in the moment you are blind all the rest of the six senses grows and focus themselves to something else like smell, like hearing. So if you are blind your sixth sense, your psychology or your your mind, is changing the fiction from your eyes.

If you look to the studies, you were going to see that there are so many people, doctors who say that blind people become much sharper noise sleep. They smell much powerful because all their senses, they are changing. If you loop people without legs, they become to be much stronger with their hands, because the brain doesn’t connect anymore to the foods to the feet, and in that moment the brain is connecting to the hands. So if you have seen people in chair without legs remember that they are much stronger in their hands in anything, you focus yourself for a long period of time. You become master on that thing. You know what I mean, but first you need to be blind now, if I close my eyes for five minutes and unfocus myself to be much richer, more receptive or to smell much powerfully, it will not work because in five minutes the brain doesn’t have the capacity To understand that my senses has changed he’s the same way.

The algorithm is the same with rule and now only if you study for one hour three hours, the roulette, he will not understand what does the roulette, because it’s very powerful and very strong to be too late. But if you study for 10 years 15 years, you change your senses all right. Try to understand what I mean, because it’s not so easy explaining you in English, like hi, like how I will explain you in my language, but try to repose and rewrite ruined what I’m telling you the algorithm is the same, like your blindness, if you become blind In few years, your ears and your smell will develop much powerful me because your brain is that it doesn’t focus anymore on your eyes so forth.

Of that we have touch smell, hearing see the brain is connected to all senses, but in the moment we become blind. We hear much clearly we smell much. Clearly.

If we become deaf, we don’t hear anymore. We become much clearly by visualizing. There are people who say that they are not hearing, but they can read the lips. So these deaf people who doesn’t hear anymore, they know how to read it on your lips. You see what I mean you develop a senses. This is the same with the algorithm.

I developed a sense, a sixth sense, by understanding the algorithm so remember that the algorithm is full of streets, one two, three, four infinite streets. This is algorithm. There is no one suite.

There are millions of streets of road. You need to find the right road of the algorithm and only after you have studied the right road to start to increase your powerful sense on that road. This is what I’m telling you that is very hard for you to understand how to be related, because there are millions of variables. So, first you need to find a good variable. In the moment you have found a variable. You need to study to understand a variable that road that niche, but this is why I am here because I can make you rich playing a flat how we will conserve.

Many of you want to make 3000 euro in one session from beginning. This is not what I am suggesting you. There is step-by-step learning in my DVD 5000 euro for you to become from a patrol from aggressive to amateur, to casual professional and to VIP. This is steps if you reach and go from all the steps till the VIP you to the right job. But if you start to play directly in VIP, you don’t do the right job. Why?

Because you don’t pass all the levels. I know that there are so many of you who want to make wave win money very fast. I know that there are some way some others. Some people like you that wants to make 100,000 euro in the first month, but you need to digest and knowledge.

My friend, there is 16 years of knowledge. You need to have a base from where to put step by step. The connections between the numbers is not so easy to understand these things.

It’S not so easy for you to become a VIP gambler from aggressive gambler. If I didn’t have the possibility to use the PC, I have never been in the position to help you. I know what I’m have to do, because I learn. I learned that, but to transmit you the knowledge without the laptop without the PC.

I have never I’ve. Never done that, I will never done. I will never been able to done that, but fault of PC. I can record what I’m doing. I can show you the calculations so like that you see everything what I’m doing by seeing exactly what I’m doing you can understand.

Very easily, but again, as I told you, you need to turn back to the DVD 5000 euro, because without the DVD you can’t understand roulette 100 %. So this is my reason here, because I’m trying to make him your red professional gambler. Remember what I’m T, what I’m telling you right now, if you are not the gambler and the winner who might win in the future, nobody will be so if you, the gambler, you don’t find the secret. Don’T expect that somebody from outside who never heard about roulette.

They will find the secret it’s not working like that. Only we, the gamblers, can find and crack the secret of wrath only us the gamblers. So this is why I’m told you every time I I have the possibility. I telling you don’t here for somebody else. What should you do to find a secret of life because 99 % of the people our stupid are idiots? They don’t have succeeded in their lives and they cannot help in you.

You go around the internet to forums and you write well, I see hide realities. Make money from casinos from roulette guys what you say is possible to be true. Let you expect to that idiots to helping you to tell you. Yes, my friend is possible to be too right. Do you believe that they know people who doesn’t know how to play a roulette?

You think that they will know that you can beat roulette. It’S absurd to ask some questions to some for most forums. I am in this game for 16 years. I know that it’s possible to beat so if you ask me, yes, I’m able to respond in you, but when you go to a forum and you write down and ask a question, look Adrian is a guy from Romania who has found the secret of who left What do you think guys is possible?

It’S obvious that they’re idiots. They would not telling you. Oh no, it’s impossible. It’S a scare. You can’t beat the casinos, but they never play the casinos. They never played roulette, but they have the first person who telling you it’s impossible to be druid, beloved friends.

If I want to go to the moon, remember what I’m telling you right now. If I want to go to the moon, where do you think I found my answer? I’M going to swimming pool to find person who reach me to the moon, or I go directly to NASA because NASA studied for hundreds of years 100 years study to go to the moon. So it’s useless for me to go to swimming pool, to find somebody to help me reach the moon. This is why we have people every type of people with tons of skills. I am skilled.

I am very good in between roulette. Somebody else is very good in making this iPhone. Somebody else is good making these sunglasses. It’S obvious that for me, if you ask me how to make sunglasses, I don’t know how to make it, but they are existing. My friends, I don’t know how they are, but I know that I’m like I like them.

I don’t know how to make an iPhone, but I know that somebody is very good in making an iPhone. I like iPhone, so I’m not an idiot to say, is not possible. Idiots, which is 99 % of the people say, is not possible. This is why they are poor if you have started to find something on the internet. If you have started right now to open your eyes to search on the internet, how to make money, how to become rich, how to be drew, let don’t expect that all the rest of your families of your friends. They are doing the same thing because it’s not true, you are the only one who do death after 10 years 20 years, you will gon na be millionaire and they will say in the same position.

You have let them 30 years ago. This is how the rules goes, everybody who works, he becomes rich, everybody who doesn’t work, it doesn’t become rich and remember, working physically that doesn’t make you rich. You need to work with your mind. This is the most powerful thing we have is the most unrecognizable part of our body, the brain. Nobody can explain how the brain works.

This is how you make money with your brain, not with your physical with your physic. You improve your wealth, your health, not your wealth right. Your mind is beyond body, but nobody knows that if you talk with all regular people will say that your mouth will say that you are sick. But if you ask to everybody how much money do you have in your pockets, 99 %? They don’t have 100 euros in their pocket when there is a person who succeed in their lives, all 99 % of the people say is a scammer. He makes a little tease because it’s the only way how they think.

Now you see a rich person doesn’t invest time to open a poor, mind psychology. Nobody will open your mind. My friend, you are the only one who will open your mind and heart.

You want to become successful in something you need to study in the first. In the beginning, you will find tons of scammers, you will buy rubbish stuff, but you need to go further and further and further till you find the best thing in the moment you have found the best thing you need to study over and over again practice over Over again, and only after that, you become a rich person, this is how you become rich. I know to be roulette and I am able to help you in doing that if you come inside members area but don’t come to me and save me, it’s impossible because you are an idiot if you think like that. Just watch your phone and tell me if you, if you can create an phone and your response will be 100 %. You know you can create, but you see that exist.

I exist, I can beat roulette. Roulette is beaten, it’s bitten from 30 years now you can be trapped with my help, but you can beat red so it’s possible if you are not able to make something. If you are not good to create something that doesn’t mean that that does not exist. Only your mind allows you and denies you the loss of the universe.

If you say that it’s impossible, it will be impossible. If you say it’s possible will be possible. I know what I have and I know how much time I must invest with you to making you rich. This is why you paid me 5000 euro, but remember it’s the most important and the best thing you have done in your life. In the moment you buy my DVD 5000 euro. You have never seen something powerful, like my DVD watch, my tutorials on YouTube, and I am absolutely convinced that you have never hear what I’m telling you in other way in other place, just from the videos on YouTube.

You see that I have a uniqueness. You don’t find my words in somebody else think about. Why is that? And after that judge me by the DVD 5000 euro study my words and after that judge me don’t judge me only by the appearance.

Don’T judge me by forums, judge me about your experience when you study, my word, judge me and say what is true or what is not. This is how you can. This is how you can respect a person.

This is how you can say about a person. If is right or wrong, if you give him the chance to say even in something in in his in his favor, so if all the losers on the forums are talking bad about me, I cannot I cannot. I cannot respond to them because I don’t use that, but you need to give me my words. You need to respect me not to because that people from the forum’s they are speaking bad about everybody.

Give me the chance to show you that I have right all right, don’t believe everything you heard on the internet, but watch my videos in the past, I’m giving you knowledge for free. Where do I found this knowledge just think about what can I help in you and what can helping you, people from forums? What you have learned from me and what you have learned from forums all indios people say very easily: it’s a scammer, that’s it!

They finished the world the subject. This is a scammer, that’s it watch. My word watch one video from YouTube with me every day for one month watch one video with me every day for one month, and I will change your mind because I have the knowledge to change your mind.

I am very good in what I’m doing so. If I made it with my help, you will gon na mail it to. You, will gon na make it too. So many of you will forget about all the stories, so many of you will be again losers, but I hope that many of you will fight will invest in my DVD and they will succeed because so many they quit and in the moment you quit. You are loser, you will not have a house, you will not have a wife, you will not have a family, you will not have a business. You will not have a friends because nobody likes poor people.

Nobody, even poor people, fly away after poor people. Just watch a woman in front of Lamborghini how she reacts: go to youtube and search women with nice car women, people, everybody likes you if you are rich. If you are poor, nobody likes you because you don’t have nothing to give when you are rich. That means that you have done something good.

That means that you can help somebody else, because in the moment somebody is seeing you, you are rich, they can dream of you that someday will become like you. This is why we have idols. Every little girl wants to be like Rihanna, because Rihanna is beautiful, is rich, is recognized all over the world. This is why all the kids wants to be messy, because mess is a football player, is very good. He had money, they like his life, but show me a poor person who is idolized. There is no poor person idolized, because there is not such something like that.

Everybody wants to be with rich people. So if you want to succeed, you must to change your mentality, because if you go on forums, if you go around you to your friends and ask them when you see I have this, business is OK. Nobody will help you. Nobody can help you except rich people. If you find around you, a rich person stay close to that person and a few years you will become rich, but if you don’t have a rich person find one I am Here. I am rich, very rich and I can help you bees, my friends as always, if I can make it with my help, you can make it remember that Briana messy Justin Timberlake Hamilton, all these idols are rich.

Our famous this is what we like famous people, become one of them and you will going to be happy, lose your time to forums and you will remain a loser after ten years. I will be in the stars and you will gon na be in the same place. You are from 20 years now change and let me help you to change and like that you will gon na have a future

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